Our next generation telephone services

Thanks to the convenience and cost savings offered by technology, many South Africans are saying goodbye to traditional landlines. With Voice over IP, phone users generally spend less on their monthly phone bills, but get more features and services in return. Internet calling is almost always unlimited within the country, and it eliminates long-distance charges nationwide.

Carrier grade telephone services


  • Wireless
  • Voicemail
  • Call waiting
  • 5-10% Cheaper than fixline calls
  • NO copper cable theft
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The best business communication solution


  • Cost savings
  • Phone portability
  • Service mobility
  • Rich features
  • Call forwarding
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How VoIP and landline compare

If you want to find out if VoIP is the right communication solution for your business, you’ll benefit from taking a close look at how VoIP and landline compare head to head.



    Landline services provides access to a variety of features, such as caller ID, call forwarding, call blocking, call waiting, three-way calling, voicemail, and of course domestic as well as international calling.

    VoIP offer all of the communication features
    you’ve come to expect from your landline.
    On top of that, VoIP offers features that may be particularly beneficial to your business.
    For example, with VoIP your employee can place
    or receive a call and listen to voicemail right from their computer, laptop or tablet. VoIP also offer
    the option of managing your service and features right online. Plus, with VoIP, your business can
    take advantage of videoconferencing.



    Landlines generally provide
    outstanding sound quality.

    VoIP connections are usually good,
    but because data is sent over the Internet,
    their quality can’t be considered 100% reliable
    like a landline call.



    Landline services costs has dropped over the last decade, making the traditional way of calling more affordable than ever. The phone companies now offer solutions and bundles specifically for small business.

    VOIP: When comparing the cost of landline
    to VoIP feature to feature, VoIP usually emerges
    as more budget friendly.Even basic VoIP
    packages include a number of features.
    Generally, calling internationally is very cheap
    with VoIP, and can offer a substantial savings
    if you make a number of international calls.

Reasons to choose a VOIP solution

Voice over Internet Protocol is, put simply, Internet telephony – the transmission of voice traffic over a dedicated data connection instead of traditional wires. Belanet provides high quality managed connectivity to ensure the highest possible voice quality

Cost Savings

Reduce the cost of line rental, call charges and maintenance, which are traditionally associated with legacy phone systems.


Is your business growing or moving offices? VoIP works on a per seat model, you can add or delete users as the need arises.

Easy Features

Unrivalled features and functionality. All the features of a traditional phone system and more.